Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I sat and had a tune on my mind earlier... and I just could't get it out of my head.
And I couldn't remember what song it was either.... "I just can't get enough, I just van't get enough..."

And then it hit me!

 You KNOW it's a good song.
Me and Sofi used to listen to this in the car at work lol

And the while me, Frost and Freya were stuck in front of youtube... I just had to play Abba.

Frost isn't a fan of Abba, but he's a man of music. So even he can tell that Abba was amazing when it came to write songs. I mean, Abba was... divine really. What they did, how they did it and how the notes were created in perfect harmony with the band.

Obviously, on Freya's own playlist, there's some Abba too. Duh.

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