Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spring is here

Yay! I actually saw snowdrops today on my morning walk. I walked for 45 minutes this morning... and it felt kinda ok. And I walked almost 2 hours yesterday. All over town. Yep.

Me and nathalie had a fun night lol Yeah we walked a little here and there. A little everywhere ahaha Got free stuff from the store in town. :D

Anyhoooo.... I started playing Pokemon go again just to try to make going outside a little more..."fun" or something.... (They've got 80 new little critters so...) well it's somewhat fun I suppose. 

Freya is with my mom right now. Heaving some sweet granny/granddaughter time. 

Which gives me and Frost some sweet lovin' time. ❤ hahahaha jk jk 

Or am I? Ahaa
I had an important meeting earlier today. Not quite sure how it went...but it felt like it went well. And that this is getting fucking BIG. O__o

But.....the bigger the better, I want this to go out with a huuuuge god damn BOOM.

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