Saturday, August 5, 2017


You know, it's been a nice day. I got up real late too haha
Me and Frost snuggled so hard :) Cause Freya woke up and wanted to watch Carebears in bed.
So lots and lots of morning snuggles while Freya watched netflix at our feet lol

We've cleaned a lot today. And when I say a lot, I mean a LOT.
Dusted, cleaned creaks and corners and vacuumed and mopped etc etc.
And we threw out Lei Lei's rug and her bowls. It was kinda hard... but today I gathered up all the courage and shit and told Frost to go throw it out. Cause I couldn't throw it out myself. It made me a little sad... I keep hearing noises that sounds like her. Gosh i miss my little doodlepuff.

Anyway...moving on. Like I said though, it's been a good day.

It's been raining hard as fuck though. (But in my opinion, that's just cozy and snuggly.) Freya also kept me company when we made chocolate balls. (extra dark coffee in them too) Freya couldn't really help me out. She tried....but the balls just kept on disappearing and I kinda thought that was a little weird. And then I saw traced on out freshly vacuumed and mopped floors.... yeah the little sugar crumbs went from the kitchen to Freya's room somehow. Mysterious I know.

Eventually I decided to do it myself and Freya could eat dinner instead lmao

So, after that we sat down and watched some stuff on TV. Cuddled up in the sofa...
When Freya was busy doing Freya stuff we played a little Destiny.

And theeeen, then I got sleepy... so me and Freyster decided to watch Finding Dory in the bedroom.
The concept was cosy AF. :D 

But reality was a bit different haha
Freya was very snuggly and playful. She quickly turned the bedroom upside down.
So now we're in the livingroom watching shows on netflix and eating chocolate balls.

So anyway, like I said: We cleaned a lot today.
I even washed a pair of curtains and put them up in the kitchen.

It looks so weird without LeiLei's things occupying the kitchen.
Feels weird too.

Stevie bought me 3 months Xbox live gold today.
So now I owe him my firstborn son. lmao

Kidding. I am however blessed with good friends.
I've been really distant from everyone lately. Not just cause of LeiLei of course. Though she was a buffer to it. I got worse after she died.
There's other reasons...I just haven't been feeling alright.
My mom was up my ass about me just being with Frost all the time, never hanging out with anyone.
So... you don't think it sounds weird that Jo ain't hanging out with anyone?
Why is that?
Nah,Jo's just lazy and selfish.
There is a reason though. Why I don't even hang out with my best friends...
It's not a discussion I'll have with her though.

And I hate trying to act all normal and shit, pretending that I'm ok.
Plus I'm pretty bad at it. So I prefer to just be home, watching movies, reading comics and playing videogames and sipping on strong AF coffee and so on...
I get little spurrs where I get out and do things, but it's not often.
I mostly go out to play with Freya :)

But my friends all know me. They know I'm not ignoring them or trying to be a dick.
I respond to everyone. I'm just not hanging out with anyone these days...
I'm hoping to get better at that though. I'll be better yup yup

But hey, autumn is around the corner. And I fucking like the autumn. :)
So maybe my mood will get better.

Freyster's birthday is soon too. Another reason to be happy. 

But back to the topic, I love my friends. Pew pew!
And my sweet parabatai even bought me gifts. A package filled with Lush products. That almost made me cry a little haha Supersweet. And who doesn't love Lush? 

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  1. Parabatai at your service.

    I know what you mean with "acting normal" and whatever. Let people judge however they want, because it says more about them then it will ever do about you. What people see is a mere reflection of what they got going in inside themselves....
    You do you and you do you however you see fit. Your parabatai will always support you. ALWAYS.

    Also, I'm just wiaitng for a few more things that just arrived at the store that I will send you also so expect your gift(s) in a week or so <3 IT'S WORTH THE WAIT. I PROMISE.


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