Tuesday, August 1, 2017

It's still morning somewhere...

Heeey...it's the first of august today. Autumn is coming soon. YAAAY!

Me and Frost had quote the nice morning today. ❤
I just forgot to post this then. But I'm doing it now instead.

We had some real good coffee and played a few games. (not to brag but I got breakfast in bed too)  
Freya was having fun at daycare. She's only there 3 times a week, but she's having a hoot while she's there. And that's what matters. ❤

Life is pretty weird sometimes. 

You see people you care about that are good and decent people... They just gets mistreated by lady Fortuna.
 LAnd then you see people that you know are complete dickheads that gets such luck and shit. Lady luck just took a shit in everyone else then lol Kinda unfair. But that's life for ya. 

Talking about some good people, I think we're bound to go to Brickebacken for some fun with Rama, Arthur and Moa soon. 
And some day I gotta go visit Bernie. It's been ages now.  That doodle promised me hot tamales like 7 fucking years ago too haha I want my tamales. (I'm fortunate to have my very own Mexican that can cook proper Mexican food. Nom nom) apparently banana leafs are hard to get a hold of here. Weird huh? 

Therefore, tamales only happens once a year 😞 

Anyway. Freya rode her bicycle to granny's house earlier  (with me walking next to her of course) Yep, pancake and a bath. Such a nice ending on a nice day for Freyster. ❤❤❤

Life is still weird without LeiLei, but you still gotta move one. And it sucks.

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