Monday, August 7, 2017

Superfun day

Since the entire weekend's been rainy AF, and we sat inside most of the time...
I promised Freya that if it was sunny today I'd take her to town and go see granny at her workplace and just have fun pretty much.

And so Monday came, with sunshine :)

Freya had so much fun. We took the bus to town. And yodeled away to moms workplace.
Then we strutted around the cemetery and looked at all those culture graves that are over 200 years old. Pretty cool. Freya looked at the gravestones and hugged some, poked on some and just sat next to some. She's a cute little oddball. She's a lot like me when I was her age.
Then we walked to their main office...Some fika and coffee on that, and it was golden.
A good time in other words.
Freya got to ride the golftruck even more after that haha and she even got to "drive" it herself. 
(at least that's what she thinks haha) She's so cute. She really enjoyed herself.

After about 2 hours of playing around and exploring we decided to go home.
Mom was gonna meet up with Lasse anyway so they could go home together.

Soooo I took my little weasel and went to Burger King and got her a strawberry milkshake.
Man, she walked with that as if it was the most fragile treasure she owned lol

On our way home we walked through town and looked at all the galaxies and nebulas outside the church. It was pretty nifty. Freya thought it was interesting.

And then we walked and looked at the river, and then the ducks and the geese.
And then the store and home.

Oh right, before we got home I ran into Nicole and her daughter Ivy.
Holy cheesedoodles, it's been so long since I saw her.

Freya immediately went and gave Ivy a hug and then tried to make her smile.
Ivy is about 10 months younger than Freyster so maybe they can play in the future?
We agreed that we gotta hang out soon. She makes awesome food that woman. Mmm...

I shit you not. Some time ago she made a huge dinner. It was an awesome night. We had so much fun :) She made springrolls, deep fried chicken and shrimps, noodles and all kinds of delicious shit. Mmm... a giant Vietnamese dinner in other words.

Ah, here's a picture of it. (Not to brag, but I made half of it...... well she forced me to do it.) But it was fun to cook together like that. We should totally do it again :D

Yep, well... I promised to call her soon and I fucking will.

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