Sunday, October 28, 2012

Long time no see

It's been a while since I put up a pic of me on the blog so here you go :)

This is me today! A very happy koala I am. It feels nice to be this happy :) He makes me feel so happy and loved... And now he's bound to be forever! I hope I make him feel the same.

And I'm playing games with my handsome fiancé right now. Quiz games haha We're having fun! We're also watching Alabama play. Uh huh. Football evening!

Mom said I put in weight and I probably have, but I look cute despite that don't I? Haha I'ma do as my sister said, eat shit now and diet when I get back to Sweden haha! As long as Frost is attracted to me then koala is rather satisfied ^^ And he seems to be so I'm all good lol
Ah I've been in a snuggly mood all day. And night! Haha I'm gonna sneak up and steal some cuddles from him now....

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  1. Adorable. And Frost's post was hilarious. :D


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