Friday, October 19, 2012

I have great plans

I do I tell you.

I've come up with the perfect christmas gifts for Frost. I even know what to give my wee sis...sort of. Exciting :D  This'll be fun! I'ma drown my babe in love hahaha

well, there's no rush. I'll handle everything with his gifts in november. Cause me is clever. He wont know a thing! Mwahaha!

Ah, I felt kind of shitty today... like really really shitty. My head was aching and my body felt weird. And then I had a shower with Frost and I had some coffee and now I felt splendid. Uh huh.

Yep I feel good :)

Ah, we're gonna watch NFL soon. I should probably do a sneak attack on Frost before that. Like BAM! <3

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