Saturday, October 27, 2012


My snuggletree.
I didn't manage to sleep that well last night... I sort of had nightmares. Ya know, I was afraid of waking up and see that I had bled all over the sheets or something. So instead I got real nervous and self conscious. So I woke up all the time and went to the bathroom just to double check things haha Needless to say, it didn't happen... but still. The mind does what it wants sometimes. And mine just wanted to fuck with me I guess.

I also snuggled the shit out of Frost. So snuggable and warm. I was cold so I've been stealing warmth from him all night... That booty. Nom nom. Haha

He's so very proud today. Cause he made coffee that I actually felt was strong. Hah. You should see him strutting around with his proud face now. Cutie <3

I'm watching football with his mother right now. I'm pretty sure I hear Frost shaving now... That or he has a vibrator that he's playing with O_o haha

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