Thursday, December 8, 2016

Gingerbread cookies!

Ok...ok... so today actually went fine. (So far)
I got laughing gas at the dentist... And I restrained myself so hard to not giggle like a crazy person. There was 3 occasions where I started to giggle compulsively.... But I managed to swallow that,  so they just assumed I was nervous like I was in the beginning.. (hence the freakin' laughing gas) 
And the rest of the time I laid there thinking "oh wow...what an easy job to be a dental nurse... I could totally do that.....  she's just standing there holding a suction thingy in my mouth... I could so do that right? Yeah. I can suck. Totally. I'm good at sucking"
Lmao I told mom all that afterwards and she laughed too haha she's had similar thoughts after a surgery... ehehe...

They fixed two teeth for me. Can you imagine my face afterwards? Harvey Twoface can't even compare to that shit. Ah ah
(picture from google)

Anyhoooo..... So I slept for an hour once I got home. Amazeballs I tell ya. I really needed that.... I rarely sleep these days. So that felt supernice.
And now we're at moms place baking gingerbread cookies. She's doing alright. Haha ☆
Well shit... I'm just rambling a buch of stuff now.
I've got some gingerbread hearts to decorate now. 💟 Yep.

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