Saturday, December 31, 2016

New year's eve

It's new years eve today.
I'm making a delicious dinner tonight and superdelish dessert! Yum yum. 

I figured I'd post some pics of Freya from yesterday, when we went to the park. 
It wasn't the best kind of weather for it, but I thought Freyster would like it anyway.

What else can I say. 
Shit goes up and down in life. I hope next year will be better. 

This year was actually kinda crappy. But good at the same time. I got rid of fake friends. I'm finally free from that job. So now I dont have to work 27h shifts anymore. (Though I'll defintely miss that pay lol) 

My oldest friend is having a baby in 4 fucking days!!!! And I have a wedding to go to too!

Frost got a job. 👍 

My pain isn't as bad right now as it can be. So I've been quite fortunate with that. 

I have new friends. Reconnected with old ones. 

My beeb gave me amazing gifts the entire year. 

So despite this year being crappy. It has quite a few highlights as well. ☆

Aaaaaand I have some stuff I'm going to do 2017. Goals, not promises. 

Less of certain things, more of others. Painting and drawing more. 

I'm want to have more fun. (That's a goal) 

Oh and I'm finally meeting that person. The person who might just change my life. I'm very optimistic about this. Excited too. (I'll tell you more about that when It's time)

What else...hmmm... 

Freya. Ooooooh Freya... she'll be 3 years old 2017. And she has evolved and turned into a real wildcat lol she's so clever and agile. Cant wait to see how her years will be.

Aaaah here's a pic of my brother me and my nephew :D
My brother gave me ride yesterday as well.

Well... I'm having the menstrual cramps from hell so I'm gonna eat my Ben&Jerry's and drink my coffee and hope for the better. ♡

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