Thursday, December 29, 2016

Rest in peace

This morning I found out that an old friend killed himself yesterday.
I was really shocked... I had no clue he felt like that.

So I called my brother to see how he was doing, cause it was one of his best friends.
Of course he was sad... but I wanted to see how he was holding up.

It's so tragic... he was such a nice person. Always caring and loyal. He always worried about my brother so he would write me and ask how he was doing and so on. lol we had a mutual "dislike" towards my brothers gf at the moment, him and I. hah. So he'd always worry that my brother wouldn't find peace and happiness.

In the end, it was him who never found peace.

I guess fighting all the time makes you tired. And he didn't want to fight anymore.
So I hope he's found peace. I really do.
No more fighting and being hurt and trying so hard, when the ones he wants to appreciate him wont.

R.I.P old friend. You are missed...

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