Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!

This was such an awesome Christmas! :D

I should warn you... I've got a damn ton of pictures here. I was like a fucking paparazzi haha

Freya had so much fun, she smiled through the entire day pretty much.
And she was superhappy about her gifts.

(She liked my gifts the best lololol)

We had the Christmas breakfast at my sister house

I got watercolors and paper and pens and ink from Frost. Top quality too :) And tasty pralines. And some games.
My man knows me so well.

I also got the same from mom and Lasse. Which means that I now have room for errors lol haha it's ok if I fail cause I have more supplies haha
Frost got a PS4 from meeeee <3 (I also have titanfall 2 for me on it lol)
Uhm... ah I got a lamp, and carpet too. Superlovely. And candle holders, my brother and Anna gave us a pretty frame with a beautiful photo of Freyster in it. It's seriously wonderful.
Freya got a hulk dool, a regular doll that can say mama, a drawing pad (two actually) Duplo, walkie talkies and stuff. She's very excited about it.

Watching Donald Duck and the christmas cartoons :)

(Freya this morning, playing with her duplo train she got for Christmas from granny)

It was awesome. I'm so thankful for everyone making Freya's and Wille's christmas so happy. They had a blast. And since Freya had it, I had it too! And also, the food was awesome as always.

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