Thursday, December 8, 2016

The polar express

Me and FreysRegister to Ida today and had coffee and egg-sandwiches among other things.
And we watched The Polar Express. So Christmasy. ♡♡♡  it's such a good Christmas movie.
Oh and I kicked ass in CoD Blackops3 as per usual. Mama Jo is amazeballs as always. Haha
I'm good at that game if I dare say so myself. Videogames are my way of distracting myself from pain and shit. It forces me to keep focus on something else for a while.

Ah.. Freyster had a rough time sleeping tonight. I mean, she fell asleep fast but woke up in panic or something...She cried and cried and cried.... And she didn't even have a nap today. Poor weasel. She should've passed out fast, but noooo....
Me however coughed lungs out. All day. I've even coughed so much that I coughed blood.. It's just the membranes that are a little exhausted and bruised I suppose. Nothing bad... But defintely not fun 😑
And another awful fact is that I'm going to the dentist tomorrow. (Getting laughing gas though.. .and that's about the only positive thing about that whole situation)
And also... It's Nathalies birthday today! And that's a super good thing!
Happy birthday my good ol' friend! ♡
I love you megamuch! 

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