Thursday, May 31, 2012

a whole lot of truth that no one cares about

I am, believe it or not, in a cuddly mood.
Not that many people knows that I LOVE cuddles.

It just seem like I don't since I HATE people touching me.
Yeah, you see my dilemma right?
Only certain people are allowed to touch me. And not even all of them are allowed to cuddle me. There will be only one who get's that privilege. Right now that's Lei Lei  aw, forever alone. LOL hahaha Also, Most of my friends had to force me to hug them so I could get used to them touching me -____-  I remember the hell Stina made me go through. I kid you not. -__- Bah... hugs all the time. Very.... annoying and it sort of made me panic a little as well haha. But then I got used to it, and now I like her hugs. See where I'm going?

With this said, I may need agressive people in my life. You know, offense not defense.  You gotta push me a bit, but not too hard.( Cause I'll just beat the crap out of ya then.)  I tend to get along better with people who're a wee bit too honest and who'll be a bit raw cause I'm honestly too stupid and too clever at the same time. Which makes things complicated for me. SO I usually just go with the flow and act like "I can't be arsed". Somehing bothering you, or you have something you need to say to me then you have to say it just as you feel it. Can't sugarcoat it. I don't pick up hints, I look at them and then throw then away. Cause I learnt the hard way never to assume something EVER. It can get you killed. So I will never understand unless someone actually comes out and SAY it. Basically I'm like a man. haha. No offense all male readers. If you're insulted then I'm basically insulting myself as well aren't I?

well, I need to sleep really. But the beast needs her food first and then we'll simply take a nice walk in the nippy night.

Say good night to me now. Tis is me riiiight in this very moment.
HELLO :D And Adieu.

oddly enough. I have found people completely different from what I usually get along with.
Well, I believe in energies and souls.
If mine's connected to yours then that's all it takes.


  1. I care so much for you Lady Jo. <3

  2. It looks like you got dreads in the pic. I think it would suit you! xD go for it! :D


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