Sunday, May 20, 2012


So, as I mentioned earlier..I'm watching Babycall right now.
A norwegian horror flick. And to be's creepy as fuck. Cause you just can't seem to figure out if it's mental, paranormal,both och just retarded O___O

Noomi Rapace is in it ^^I like her.
(She's the woman who was in The girl with the dragon tattoo, the sweeeeedish one, I might add)

it's about a woman who has moved outside of Oslo with her son, escaping an abusive husband. She's a bit fucked up...seeing things, not remembering things etc... and then even weirder things start to happen which makes her question if it really is all in her head or not?


  1. oooh, seems like an interesting movie o_O Not sure if I could watch it though :D I'm sooo fucking scared of paranormal stuff ;___;

    1. You should try and watch it :D It was creep and good ^^


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