Sunday, May 27, 2012

honey I'm hoooome

aaaw, me be home now.
How are you? Have you missed me? :D
Of course you have. Even though I kept en even update on my blog each day ahahaha

This is the happy meeeee. Unfortunately, I spent a little too much time in the sun... and now I'm completely toasted. OH YAY.

Oh dear god it hurts so so much. :(
But I've rubbed some after sun lotion on me with "icing effect". Pffft...... Icing..I need frost. Like OMG how nice it would be to have rimfrost right now.............hah. I'd rub myself on any frost I could find, I remember that I did that once when I was in the sauna... the heat almost killed me so I rubbed myself on all the windows with frost on them hahaha. I swear to god that there was steam coming from my body then.  what "icing effect"? I'M STILL IN MEGAPAIN.  I want a biiig pile of snow right now. Aaah, just roll around in the snow. Like I usually do. Mmm...

that would be rather heavenly at the moment.

HAHA Ju realised that it's kind of funny I wrote I'd rub myself on any frost. HAHAHAHA Cause I know a certain fella named Frost. haha Seeeeee?
oh come on people. Don't you see why I find it funny?

Aw You suck.

witch reminds me when I was a kid and one would always lick on the frost on stuff outside and then the tongue would get stuck HAHAHA Hurt like a motherfucker really.

My mum's tongue got stuck on a doorbell once hahahahahha

Mine got stuck on a lamppost and on a car -____-
among other things -___-

last year my tongue got stuck on my work key HAHA

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  1. XD lol awww. Why on earth do you stick your tongue in those things even though you KNOW it will get stuck!? XDDD I have done it when I was a kid and I don't wanna experience that ever again @___@

    Btw, are you on FaceBook? ^^* ....can I add you? .____.


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