Monday, May 28, 2012

I failed miserably


I went to the meeting. or so I thought.
Ended up in a total different part of town. High five for me.

Let's not forget that a bloody bird took a shit at me as well...
AND I accidentally scratched myself on my poor poor burnt skin. AND AWTDR(%#IOFIU56R86IKMBH"#€%&/NB. Yeah. That says it all.

So now, I'm naked on my couch. As I should be. Relaxing. Watching a little PewdiePie. And drinking my suger-mega-hot-horny-ardent-strong-feisty-coffee. Say what now?
I'm just rambling.

But seriously....

Well, today will be a good day. It'll be that eventually.
I'm going up town with Josse. We're going SHOPPIIIIING.
Rawr, I need a bikini. And shorts... and some other stuff.
And snow.

I guess I'll have to "doll" myself up a bit since Josse is a very shallow person and she can feel quite ashamed of walking next to me sometimes. Bleh. So no raggedy jeans then. I'll find something. I'm still not changing my style for yooooou <3 Which reminds me. I need jeans. But I wont buy any this time.

No, I take that back. I'm feeling guilty now. My sister is honestly the best. Can't get a better sister than her and she said she's not ashamed of me so I'm sorry. <3 I love you :)

I am quite "poor" at the moment. That's what happens when you spend your money on who you love instead of yourself. And when you don't have a job either lol

I'll never regret spending my money on the ones I love anyway. NEVER.
We were actually discussing that yesterday. Someone called me stupid for have given 25 000 kronor (that would be 2.222,87 pounds. / 3.483,63 u.s dollars) to my ex when he had some difficulties. 
Still don't regret it. You help the ones you love out in need right? Tis what I do anyway. it IS a shitload of money yes. But hey-ho.

Nowadays I spend all my money on my dog, her medicins, her specialized food and vet appointments. Yup. It's fine to call me stupid. Don't expect people to understand me anyway.
I live on broccoli. And I'm DAMN good at cooking it too ;)

Someone once called me a goober
lol I guess it's true ;) haha

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