Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not the same

I've had quite a nice day today, but the days seems to pass rather fast now...  -__- which is less fun. Well, depends on how you see it really lol

We took a different path today when we went out for a walk. Little Doris was as fucked up as ever. Going totally crazy when she saw Lei Lei. She loves her a wee bit too much. I am so sorry my dearest Lei Lei. I shall hug you loads tonight for everything that you've had to suffer today hahaha

Well, all in all, we had a nice walk. :)


  1. so uh, this new puppy, Doris, is your dog? Sorry, my brain doesn't work XD I've read your every post, but seems like I'm not quite following XDDD sorry.

    1. haha Doris is my little sisters puppy :D But we're almost always together so Doris is family just like Lei Lei ;D


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