Sunday, May 27, 2012

My first tattoo

This is my very first tattoo :)
I had been interested in tattoos for a looooong time before I made my first one done, and I used to design other people's tattoos all the time. I had min done when I was 18, and this dragon was the one I wanted. Guess you can say that this one has a personal meaning.

And well... I'd love to show all of it for ya but no can do. The other leg and the tail continues waaaay down south and, well yeah... Too far for me too show on a blog. Haha (I'd probably get banned again, yus it happens more often than you think -_-)

Anyway...See, this little fella is already over 8 years old. This is what can happen to a tattoo with time. It's not as sharp as it once were, turning a bit grey here and there. I can always make it darker if I want to though.
If you want a tattoo then you'll have to be prepared for the fact that it'll probably not look the same after 10 years. Mine's still pretty and fucking awesome though. :D

Mum came with me when I had it done lol she wanted to see I'd scream and if it hurt when it came down on my faaaaannyyyy haha
Which it actually didn't. I'll get more tattoos down there cause it barely hurt at all ^_^

So, yeah.... Your daily dose of Random crap Made by: The one and only, ME!

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