Sunday, May 13, 2012


Aaaaw I've been talking to my little cariño Luis for a loooong time now. He just got himself a tattoo and he was a bit worried about it cause apparently the tattoo artist gave him the wrong instructions. So he was worried that he'd ruined it.

Buuuuut as a good big sister I told him what to do :) so it should be alright.

I promised to take a look at it though in a day or two.

That's the problem with going to someone who isn't serious or even from Sweden. He was just on a visit from Spain and helped out at the tattoo studio. See, Palle who owns the studio knows how you treat a tattoo afterwards. But Palle want there today :/ it was the same last time when I did one, the dude told me to take of the plastic after 2 hours and just let it be. I KNOW how you treat a tattoo afterwards, and that's not how you do it. So unasked Palle. And Palle told me to do it the same way we've always done it. He said that people from other countries don't pay as much attention to hygiene and how it heals as they do here. And Luis got the same advice as I did from the dude... And this is his first tattoo so of course he'd follow his directions. Luckily he came to me haha

Hopefully it shouldn't be ruined :(
I'm sure it'll be fine cause he managed to find some Vaseline to rub on it at least. Told him to buy some good ointment tomorrow morning instead.

The tattoo suits him though :) I'm hoping that it'll heal alright.


  1. God morgon jag vill önska dig en riktigt fin Start på veckan !!!

  2. That's nice. I like that piece.


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