Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the wonderful awkwardness of Jo

So, i've been hanging out with Stina today, and Marcus mind you! Obviously the dogs were all there :)

But anyway, The dudes wanted to eat and well, I can barely eat ANYTHING nowadays never the less tortillas so Stina called the pizza place and ordered a chicken salad for me. oh yay.

When we got there I realised that heeeeey I fucking want feta cheese on it too.
And for some weird god damn reason I turned at the guy behind the counter (who btw had already made my salad and it was all done and packaged and all that shit) and I stared at him with a weird face and then I suddenly tilted my head and smiled and said "eheee, I WANT CHEEEEESE. :3 Can I pleeeease have thaaaaaaaat?" And then tilted it the other way and had such a weird fucked up childish cute face on. No idea why. O__o and he just looked at me and smiled while looking a wee bit scared haha and then he started opening the box and putting in the cheese.

And i turned my head and looked at Stina "Iiiiiiiiiiiiih I get CHEEEESE FFS :D ehe!"

This must've probably been veeeeery awkward and scary to see.
Me, with my tattoos and my messy tousled hair and boyish clothes, standing there like an idiot tilting my head like a child.

My pride is damaged.
I got so excited over cheese I forgot to be cool.

So there you go cuties. Random bullcrap from Jo :D

you guys bloody enjoy it. I know you do.

lawl  I'll mention Frost here just to make him  smile :D
Hi Frost!!!!!! *waves*

So now guys, it's time for a fag. I give you a random pic from last year.
There you go. My mum never liked my hair that way haha

I got called twoface. Which if you ask me was actually rather cool
 (if you disregard the fact that he's UGLY)

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