Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Well, I failed miserably yet again with going to the hospital. hah. Go figure. I've failed two weeks in a row now. But there's a reason for me not going today though.

So now, I'm sitting down eating breakfast. YES I'M EATING MY MOTHERFUCKING BREAKFAST. Amazing right? I've promised countless of times so try and eat more often yet that's also something I keep failing at. It doesn't matter how much I want it... my body just doesn't agree.

So today i'm living on yoghurt. And coffee. Figured yoghurt would go down pretty well right? At the moment, it's like the only things I can manage to eat without difficulties are salad and yoghurt/ filmjölk. Well Fine. So be it. I shall live on that for now.

I need to go to the store later and buy some sallad and yoghurt...aaaaaand I'm almost broke now.


Bah, I'm in sort of a..paralyzed condition right now.
It's like I can't even force myself to do things. Yet I have ALL the time in the world. And I can't even manage to do the things I actually even like. How weird is that...

That's what happens when you have nothing you MUST do.
It is so god damn boring. No reason to wake up early, no reason to go to sleep early. It seriously bored me to death. SO I try and occupy myself with other things... Like, today I'll hang out with Stina. CALL OF DUTY TIME BABY!

I'm a workaholic to the bone, and here I am...without a job just derping around at home.

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