Thursday, May 31, 2012


I realised earlier that I haven't eaten yet, and i did promise to get better at eating so I'm sitting down and eating dinner riiiiight now. <---- woop woop who get' a golden star? MEEEEEE! I do! *waves*

Broccoli and fried pork. NOM. I am totally gonna feel like complete and utter SHIT later but I can at least I can say that I ate then. lawl

So what's new in my life huh?
it's been..what..? ..... a few hours since last time? haha Oh I bet so much has changed. You have noooo idea. well, for starters, I was not allowed to apply for the course I wanted. cause I haven't been unemployed for long enough. Dickheads. I am not planning on staying unemployed for that long. I'm fucking moving out of the god damn country if I'm out of a job for more than 8 months. really. I am!

Oh and little Frost. Yus, Frost has leveled up and has now become part of my everyday life. haha isn't that nice? Now I want all of you to do a silent yaaaaay and welcome him to  The mysteriously entertaining life of Jo   :D *weeeeh* yes, yes I know. It is an honour. Ah, I am oh so picky on who I involve in my everyday life. I know all of you are extreeeeeemely shocked right now right? haha

Who else is in my everyday life you might wonder. Well it differs really. Depending on my mood and such.

well, I have a LOT of oddballs in my life. Perverts, cunts, retards, fucktards, pottymouths, adorable stalkers (that includes you Martina btw ) charmtrolls, lesbians, my family (no need to put a label on my crazy unique kins eh?) and what else? A few liars, a few douchebags, maybe a soulmate or two and some cuties as well.

But when it comes to my everyday life there's only a few I keep in constant contact with. Jaaaaao, ni är fina, och ni är mina. Ni är speciella. I'll give you guys that.

Ah what an interesting life I live indeed.

Imagine when i go travel.

And my eyes always see things differently!

Oh and I managed to finish my dinner during the blogging and I'm already feeling quite horrible. I'd very much like to throw up now. Kudos to me.

Le me right now.

I'd say it's time for Martina to get some taste of Jo right now.
She get's to see my cleavage AND my big blue eyes. Cool huh?

bet she missed me all day.


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  2. I'm your lover. there's a fine line between lover and adorable and charming and awesome stalker :3 <3 BUT YAYZ ANYWAYS.
    it's better to be adorable then a psycho liar :3 meowmeow

    and OMG. titties <333

    Love you!

    1. OI MITTS OFF MY TITS. You sure your'e Bi and not completely gay? haha Men du är min sötnöt ändå ditt spån.

  3. HAHAHHA. and yes... yes I'm sure... annars får kanske den där som inte bör nämnad lite problem. han får skaffa ett sex-change 8D yay~ <3

    can't a girl enjoy a nice set of tits without being gay?! DEAR LORD. I LOVE TITS 8D <3

    och du... du är min ost :3


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