Friday, June 1, 2012

Morning fruitloops

How are you today? :D

Well I'm eating breakfast. (Bro fist) yoghurt and bananas. Again. Basically all I eat nowadays. But it's all good, it's fucken cheap and relatively healthy as well so I can't complain now can I?

What does the day got in store for me huh? Oh I'll tell ya.

We're meeting some people later today, cause were gonna discuss the apartment. Their huge apartment.

Which will be ours!!!

Yeah. I'm moving again lol
To a nice and much much MUCH bigger place! Best part is that I can have visitors staying over then cause its so big ^_^ tehe~ Already promised a certain someone that we'll stand on my balcony then haha What an odd promise indeed haha.

3 bedrooms, huge kitchen and hallway and a BIG living room. Ah and two toilets and also a balcony.
That's heavenly!

Now of course I won't be living there alone. I'll live with Daniel and Wille :D good for Daniel, he's got himself a free babysitter as well. :)

Well, after that meeting there's tacos with la familia. Which I'm not too sure if I should do. I should probably stick to yoghurt.

And after that it looks like O'Leary's  are expecting me ;)
Ida's treat. Thank you dear. Unexpected and FUN!

Aaaaah better not be sports night at O'learys... -.-

So yeah. That's my day. Derping, meeting, eating, and then finish it off at the pub.

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