Friday, June 1, 2012

I can derp but sometimes I herp as well

Aaaaaaaaargh damn it. I love this song. And video.
Myeees thank you David for introducing it to me. (though I recognize it from Assassins creed :P) But this is an amazing video. All these videos are fucking AWESOME.

Moving on.
Lei Lei's been acting weird all day. She started acting weird in the middle of the night already. She's growling at the hallway constantly. I mean she's on guard ALL the time now. And I've never heard that growl before. It's like the entire beast is vibrating. It's dark and deep, she somehow reminds me of a bear.

Now, for those who doesn't know. My baby is a temple dog. Meant to keep evil spirits away. She sees things we can't see. And I know it's true. Cause when I got her, all my nightmares disappeared.

8 years of seeing a dark figure in my bedroom every night finally stopped. Yeah my mind was not sane, and I rarely slept. Kirre eventually got used to the fact that I didn't sleep the entire night, and that I could be asleep and dreaming in a wake condition. Lawl i'd even have discussions sometimes. I'd often get up and get dressed and then go to bed again. Cause I felt uncomfortable having someone watch me when I sleep naked HAHA (the logic of a sleeping person)

yeah I can even sleep with my eyes open. Scared the shit out of my brother when we were younger haha

When Lei lei came... the nightmares stopped.
I've only seen that figure once since then. And I've had her for 2 years. <3

But, Lei Lei has never been on guard like this before. It's weird. And the growling never's like a loooooong siren you know?
It kind of reminds me of a beast's growl, vibrating from the depths of a cave...not loud. But you can feel it. The floor is sort of vibrating when she makes that sound.

I haven't sleept at all tonight. I've just been trying to make her SHUT UP so she wont wake the neighbours.

well, she's quiet when she's next to me though. :)

Maybe Lei Lei is a soulmate. <3 haha

Oh, look at the time. I'v got to run and pick up Doris.

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  1. You're welcome!+ Awesome that you like Assassins creed + holy shit you see shadow people too!?? We're going to have to discuss this later...


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