Monday, May 28, 2012

Fucked up

Aaaaw I'm sitting outside smoking. Waiting for the time to pass... In about 20 minutes, the meeting will start an I'll go inside.

But I've really messed up my looks today. First of all, I tried on a shitload of clothes and I couldn't wear ANYTHING without it inflicting pain in my skin. And then I finally found one. A biiiiig dark red long sleeved sweater. It's just really soft on my skin. So I had to wear that and a pair of leggins -_- so I wore that and a pair of black converse. Not very "meeting" looking. And to top it all off, MY HAIR IS A MESS. I fixed my hair when I left home and it's really windy outside today so my hair is like everywhere -.- I look like a dick. It's a birds nest. Fuck.

Basically I look like a complete turd today. Everything is shitty... My skin hurts like hell. It's like the flames from purgatory are licking my skin. Oh the joy.
I have a feeling that I'll fail miserably today. But who the fuck cares really? It's like my mum said: If I fail this one then there's plenty of other things to do in life.

Even if I get accepted to this education course... I'm still not sure if I'll EVER understand what they'll teach me hahaha

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