Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm baaaaack!

I'm back in the tiny mine village :D
Gosh, I've fucking missed this place.

Baah I almost DIED from walking to the only "store" there is around here. It's more like a tiny tiny tiny tiiiiiny gas station faaaar faaaar away. Me and Lei Lei decided to walk there. And it almost killed us. First of all, the ground was burning hot. So the soles of my shoes got ruined. There's now a giant hole in my shoe.

Second of all, the sun was extreme. So Lei Lei was panting like an American fatso running a marathon. -__- eventually we got there. (funny thing is.. I went all that way for a pack of smokes hahaha) on the way home I basically dragged her arse after me. And I moved in slow motion btw. Eventually I realised I still had my giant bag on me. Which was heavy as fuck. Every step I took felt like I was dragged back two steps instead -____- All I wanted to do was to just throw everything away and jump straight into the tiny lake and cool off. But the water was kinda gross -.-

Thrid of all: To top it all off, I burned myself in the motherfucking sun. Yay.

My shoulders and my chest HURTS.

Yet I'm glad to be here. It's so nice and green :P imma run around topless tomorrow just cause I can. Don't really care about the idiots that are watching me really -.- they can watch. And feel sad about their wives. Lalalalalalalaa...

And I'm also gonna go to the lake tomorrow and swiiiiiiiim. Not too sure if I remember the path through the forest though O___O

Oh well.. I'll end up somewhere anyway.
Oh oh oh I'll totally take pictures!
Of the lake I mean.


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