Thursday, May 31, 2012


Aaaaaw aren't I the bloody good girl today?! :D
Just finished at the hospital. I finally did the fucking x-ray. Sat for 2 hours and couldn't even use my phone. Booooooriiiiing. So I real illustrated science magazine instead. I've learnt a lot today! Hahahaha

And here's the awkward part. What was supposed to take 5 minutes took 20 minutes instead. Cause apparently my bone marrow is a god damn massive one so they couldn't get through the wrist haha they tried maaaaany times and still couldn't get an x-ray so they could see the inside of it and then came an angel and she was like BAAAM DONE!

She was awesome. No idea what things she did with the machine but it bloody worked. Thank god. Freedom at last. I wanted to press the red button cause I swear to god it begged me to. But I didn't. We decided to have a staring contest instead. That damn little red button won -.- ah the loss.

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