Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What if?

Talked alot with Claes today. And we've decided that I'll get another chow chow puppy in the future. He asked me if I wanted one now since I don't do anything all day. But I said no. I can barely afford food or myself and Lei Lei, how could I take care of another one then?

But, I decided that when I get a stabile job or at least a stabile income, then I'll get one more chow chow in my family ^_^

That's Julia to the right on the pic btw. Julia lived with me and Lei Lei for a while :) but since she couldn't handle all the sounds that comes with living in a city, she went back to the kennel. It was best for her.

I really do love chow chows.. They're definitely a unique breed. Such amazing creatures <3

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