Friday, May 25, 2012


I LOVE this kitchen. Always have, alway will. It's so... Ancient Swedish :P loool

Ah, earlier as I was strolling around with Lei Lei, I didn't pay that much attention to the surroundings.

The neighbours here (inbred imbeciles the whole lot of 'em) were outside, and I didn't see them at first.... (we hate each other with PASSION) Anyway, I was walking and came around a corner.. bored as fuck, had no music with me and all that... So I sang "I'm a gummy bear, I'm a gummy bear trlalala" to Lei Lei and wobbled her head (yeah i lol'd) and then looked up and saw those dickheads. (bleh) They were like O__O the fuuu?! I thought their eyes would seriously pop out. :/

Hah I smirked at them and then made a disgusted face and kept walking ^_^ meh I also realised that I wasn't wearing much clothes.... But hey ho. I had a nice bra on though. Very nice.

Mum says I can walk around naked of I feel like it. She said we can't be arsed by fools like those :D woooh!

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