Saturday, May 19, 2012

Oh herp you're such a derp

Yeah I'm aware that my jeans are like 5 sizes too big. That's what makes them so niiiiice~
Sooooo.... I had an adventurous night last night. *Weeeeh...*

I got drunk, got thrown out from the pub, got angry, started a fight with the bouncers, escaped them, made a friend, and he helped me climb the fence so we snuck in again. Got caught yet again by the same fucking bouncer, he got super super angry and threw me out agaaaaiiiin, I have bruises from him btw. Ended up outside without my clothes, and eventually it was me and 6 other guys that had gotten thrown out. I was the only girl -___- Bet they didn't like my pants and threw me out because of them. LOL  well, I made friends with all the boys and eventually I just ended up eating pizza with 5 very nice tattooed boys. I remember one name! Nils! Lol I remember that cause he almost fell into the river and everyone went NIIIIIILS. So.. Haha yeah. Oh and there was this girl as well and she was so cute xD

Anyway, I woke up around 8. And realised I was still drunk, so I went back to sleep again. And here I am.


Btw, I feel like I should explain that I am NOT grabbing my crotch on this pic. Well I AM, but I was trying to get my hand down my pocket and find a lighter lol It looks so tasteful. Everyone was begging me for a light damnit. And yes, I went out to clubs and pubs looking like that. AND I WAS AWESOME AS ALWAYS :D

This time I didn't have a bitch complaining about my looks not being "slutty and sexy enough" all night so I felt rather calm about it ^___^

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