Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh god

I feel out of place here.
This is SO boring. I'm sitting at the job centre...... There's brats here and immigrants. And me. Oh yay.

Ew.... Someone reeks of sweat and cheap cologne in here. -.- I can't NOT make a face when it's like this.

Eeeeeew....Well, Irish punk yet again. Wooooh. :) makes the time fly by.

I'm bored. And the brats are staring at me. And there's a young woman next to me that looks like some cheap hooker from Amsterdam. And she smells like one too. Her hair is fun to look at though. Imagine the 80's blonde prostitutes with puffy hair. LOL I'm being mean. Sorry. But it's somehow amusing. I need to find amusement in something here before I die of boredom.

My head is aching from all the smells in here. I need a fag. -____-

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