Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh lord

I have great hopes for my future right now.

Just finished talking to administrator at the job centre (she said that I have an outstanding and charming personality haha) and tomorrow I'll call my personal admin from there and we'll try and apply for a welding course which the job centre will PAY FOR ME. In other word, education for FREE.

And I am hoping so so so much that I can get in. This would change my life.
But so far everything is still alright, cause I still get paid for doing nothing. Indeed, it's too little for me and Lei Lei to live on, but I have such wonderful people in my life that are willing to help me out if needed. But I wont accept it. Just the thought is enough for me <3

If me living on salad can give Lei lei the best care then so be it. I'm content with that :D

Aaaah, I'm feeling way better now after this phonecall.
Not only that, but there's even more courses I can apply for :D

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