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The creation of the worlds

well, I figured that I should write about what so many people find interesting.
The beginning of Asatron (the asa faith) as we call it. You all probably know it as Norse mythology. You know, about Oden, Tor, Frej and Freja.

Now this might be a bit weird for you guys since you're probably used to the names of the god given by your own language. I can understand that. But I will call them as they are named. Oh and also, I can't really translate if perfectly considering that this is ancient swedish, and some words simply doesn't exist in english. So some sentences will most likely sound incredibly weird as it does in swedish as well. But it is the way it was written so I will write it as I see fit.

If you read Snorres Edda and Yngligasagan, you will find that before the world of gods were created, there was a giant abyss. Called Ginnungagap

Now I will make this "short" because there is a thousand stories on this. And I shall just write the basic stuff. (this isnät short, but it could be a million times longer ;P) haha

According to the book, At first there was  Muspelheim (muspelhem), which is bright and hot and there Surt sat with a flaming sword at the boarder. Then came Nifelheim (Nivelhem) in the north, The world of the Frost., with the well Hvergelme, whereby 11 (or 12) namegiven floods flows from. These are called Elivågor (Eliwaves) and their biting cold waters hardens longre from the source to ice which fills northern Ginnungagap. 
When the heat from Muspelheim met the rimfrost from Nifelheim so that it melt, and when it did, it created a power which the heat sent in the appearance of a man called Ymer or Aurgelmer. From him came Rimtursarna. For when he slept he would sweat and then out from his left armpit grew a man and a woman out. And one of his feet had a son with the other. And then there was, created by the rimfrosts drops the ancient cow (no way to translate urkon) Audhumbla (Ödhumla) and 4 milk rivers flowed from her teats, as food for Ymer.

Audhumbla was fed through licking the salty rimfrost stones. And the frist day, a mans hair came out of those stones. The second day a mans head. The thrid day the entire man was out. His name became Bure. Bure got a son whom he called Bor. And Bor married Bestla, daughter of the giant Böltorn. And they had three sons. Oden, Vile and Ve. Bors three sons slayed Ymer and in his blood the entire rimtursars kin was drowned, except for Bergelmer, who with his wife went on board on a carved log whom the rimtursar later derived from.

Bors sons, whom was considered to be gods carried Ymer to the middle of Ginnungagap and made from his body the earth. His blod became the seas and waters, the meat became earth, the bones created the mountains, and broken bones became stones and pebbles. They used the scull as the sky and put it over the earth with 4 corners. And under each corner they put a dwarf. Austre (the east), Vestra (the west) Nordre (the north) and sudre (the south) And then they took sparks from Muspelheim and put on the sky as sun, moon and stars. Around the earth was the deep sea, and alongside with the shore they gave land to the giants. Within this, they created the castle Midgård made of Ymers eyebrows towrds the giants. And from his brain, they created the clouds.

When Bors sons walked alongside the shore, they found two trees. And thus, they created the humans. One gave spirit and life, the other one gave reason and movement, and the third gave them looks, goals, hearing and sight. The man was named Ask. And the woman was named Embla. These were the first humans to walk the earth. 

They then created the castle Asgård in the middle of the world, where the god and their kinds lived. And in the middle of Asgård was Idavallen, and there they gods made a temple called Glanshem, whereas their 12 thrones stands. They also made Vingolf for the godesses, and they made a lot out of gold, stones and wood until the golden age was suspended by the three norns from jutenheim. (Home of the giants) In swedish it's called Jättehem. The gods then sat down and decided to give reason and human form to the dwarfs who had been given life as maggots in Ymers flesh. The live in the earth and in stones.

And thus, the world had been created.

this is Ymer, milking Audhumbla... and the man growing out from the saltrocks.

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