Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This and that

Oh hello hello dear readers. What a wonderful day we have here. Not. But then again, just cause the weather's a bit crappy doesn't mean my day is. It's actually quite filled with nice fucking things I tell you. For instance, I'm off to see Stajna right now. No idea what plans she has stored for me. We'll see when I get there. Hopefully zombie killing.

Also, as usual (Oh look at that, it's becoming a habit) I've been writing with Frost. I'll put my favourite video of him on my blog someday. But I wont share him just yet laawl. Sounds like my toy O__o "tis mah tooooy, not yuuuuurs".  haha Can't put up a video unless he wants me to, seeeee thaaaaaaat's what I meant. Being kind here and whatnot.

Moving on.
Strawberries. That's on my WHAT-I-NEED-TODAY list. And some other stuff. Penis. Love how my money just fliiiiieeees away. haha

Oh gosh, time flies (no it doesn't, it's just me being slow and lazy HAHA) I gotta go now. Lei Lei's already done and waiting at the door for me. isn't she the good girl huh?

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  1. "That's on my WHAT-I-NEED-TODAY list. And some other stuff. Penis." XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD great spot for the word.


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