Sunday, October 25, 2015

The paaaain

Oh my fucking shitlord...the pain.

My jaw hurts like hell. Both upper and lower part.

I don't know what's wrong........ I woke up with puffy eyes and all that shit like I mentioned earlier. But now my jaw is aching so bad, bone and teeth too. Blah.

So why am I getting shit after shit after shit?
I mean, I believe in karma. Thus, I try to treat people nicely (even cunts I don't like) I can't come up with something that I've done to deserve bullshit like this. Waaaaiii?
I must've been very bad in my past life lol

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  1. dude... the same thing happened to me. It turns out that my gum was infected or something. It might not be the same thing, buuut.... it also miiiight be the same thing. Anyways...DOCTOR, DOCTOR.
    Also, dont be alarmed if you start spitting blood :'D


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