Thursday, October 29, 2015

Good morning

Well good morning to you sunshines. :) Really wish it was sunny today .  Blah... Anyway.

We've just had breakfast in this little household. Feeding Freya & Lei Lei is like feeding two monster dogs. Yet only one of them is a dog lol They get really upset and anxious if you're not fast enough. -_-  Silly doodles.♡

Going in to Freya's room in the morning is so funny haha Cause she's already waiting for you. Jumping up and down in her bed, laughing and chatting by herself. Hah, too cute. Yep. That's how I wake up these days. I hear her talking, giggling and then jumping around like crazy. And when you take a peek inside her room you'll see her looking at you with the biiiiiiggest smile in the world! :D

It's like she knows you're coming ♡

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