Thursday, October 1, 2015


It's almost 7am now. And I'm about to go to work.
It feels like I've been hitting the snooze button all night. I've actually been awake most of the night. Not in a bad way. It felt rather cozy and sweet. I snuggled up to Frost and we just cuddled for hours. So I don't really mind being awake all night. Though it is odd. I was sleepy. I slept from 11 till 1am. And then I was done lol

And at 4am I had to get up and take my pills, then go back to bed, then at 6 do the same thing all over again. -_-

The colder it gets right now, the worse my body gets. Blah.

Ah I was being a bit creative yesterday.
I'll show you what I made tomorrow. :) Time to go to work.

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