Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The day

Welp, I feel betterdoodle. Kinda.

Suuuuuuuuuuure I get kinda exhausted really fucking fast... But that's ok.

Apparently my boss thinks it's too soon to be starting work on Friday so I am from now on forcibly at home on sick leave -__- He's worried that I'd get dizzy again or get worse and shit. Which I totally appreciate... but ya know... I earn a lot per shift. Like a lot LOT. Boo... But anyway.

Mom dropped by after work and having the daily fika with Lasse ^^
She and Josse took me to Bra Zoo to get some more dogfood for Lei Lei. I maaaaay have gone a little overboard but I swear, I only got good stuff. After that we dropped by Saigon to get some food for Josse but I ended up buying some too. Ehehe...

And Alex was working tonight. Lucky me. It's a plus to know the boss's son haha
(FREE STUFF.) Didn't have to pay so much. Mucho nice.

So here a photo of the day.
Hot chocolate for breakfast with spicy cheese sandwich to dip in the chocolate (yes I fucking love to do that) And Freya abso-fucking-lutely loves shrimpchips. Mmmm... 
(I googled how shrimpchips and babies go together, So far it's seems ok. Completely gluten free, it's only water, shrimps and tapioka flour. And then they're fried in oil. Cool huh?)

It's been a pretty nice day. I ot some rest before we picked up Freya around 2 o'clock today.
It's nice that she get's to be there while I'm sick. :)

She had a really nice day there. She ate soooo much haha Big fruit snack, then a biiiiiiig lunch, and then at 2 she ate three sandwiches. haha She's got an appetite lol

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