Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Big day big day...

Today I woke Freya up around 06:25,  she was sleeping heavily with her butt up in the air :)  (Aaaws.. so cute) and I got to eat breakfast with her and get her ready for the day. I liked that. She was supersleepy though... But she didn't cry that much. And then at 06:55 Frost took over and handled the rest.

Aaaand at 07:30ish he dropped her off at the daycare. It's her first "real" real day today.
Before she's only been there a few hours now and then. But now she's gonna be there from 07:30 to 13:00 a lot of day day in the week. Plus it's Frost first day at SFI too. Big day huh? He said she cried so bad when he left her that he got all teary.... must've been heard for him. Freya is a daddy's girl after all.
But she won't be in daycare everyday though. So that's good. When I'm off she'll be with me though <3 And tomorrow I'll pick her up around 10:30 when I'm getting back from work. YAY! Frost will drop her off right before he goes to SFI around 07:30, and I'll be there a little later. I think this will be ok.

And yesterday I decided to bake cinnamon buns. Although I made my own kind of buns with half 'n half in them. The center was cinnamon and the outer layers were vanilla and buttery cardamom. :D I had white syrup in the dough so they were really tasty and juicy. Mmmm... Freya loved them ;) haha

We took some over to granny and grandpa's place aaaand of course they enjoyed them ^__^ She played and went through tjeir kitchen drawers like usual haha

Tomorrow around 3 I'll drop by Nathalie's house to give her some "welcome to the neighborhood kinda buns" haha We live superclose now. (silent yaaaay...don't wanna disturb my employer..yaaaay) 
Anyway. My head's been killing me lately. Combined with my body..it ain't a fun life right now. It doesn't suck though. There's people suffering from worse EDS than me and so on. Plus I got a nice thing going on...mwehehe...

But my head...it really drives me nuts. I can't move around cause it'll like a BANG in the head as soon as I move. It's not fun working like this. Blah...It's pure torture. Aaaah I wish I could cry.

But I'm too badass to cry lol hahah

Good thing this snuggleweasel makes everything worth it huh?
Her smile is like a sweet conditioner for the soul lol

Freya and I will go meet dad tomorrow when he's done at sfi. Exciting huh? haha

Riiiight... Frost and I watched the new Terminator Genesys movie. Mindfuck. But a pretty good movie. But still....mindfuck. It always gets confusing when you jump back and forth in the past and the future. In this one you got to see the first movie, how Kyle Reese travels back in time to protect Sarah Connor and so on. But the past has apparently taken a slightly different turn. So she's definitely not a waitress anymore. That's for sure. Pops was my favorite in the movie. Yup yup.

And they made Arnold some the first movie look identical!! So cool. And riiiiight when he has landed in 1984, naked... and is about to beat the shit out of those punks to steal their clothes... 'give me your clothes' something happens and it won't happen like in the old movie. And you'll hear a voice saying 'You won't be needing any clothes' haha

Well, I am indeed a big fan of Arnie.

And it really was cool how they managed to make that animation look identical to Arnold 30 years ago. His body and face and everything. Supercool. *fangirl squeal*

Yeah it was an ok movie indeed.

I am shocked that A or Bettan hasn't seen any of the terminator movies.............I'm just... repulsed. Gosh... insane.

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