Saturday, October 3, 2015

Our Wall

Our wall so far :)
We're gonna keep adding tiny shelves, and put important stuff on it (things that means something to us). And add cute black frames with pictures of things we like and care about, or pictures we find pretty. Tomorrow we're adding a picture of a cicada drawing in ink. Pretty pretty!

Aaah, I got a nice message just now from Frost and Freya.
They've been playing ball today <3 haha

After Christmas our new saving plans are being started! Yay!

We are also going to buy new stuff for our home. Little by little.
New sofa. New towels. New kitchen towels. New plates and so on.
But like I said, little by little. Not all at once. Gotta be logical here and think about the situation. :)

Small stuff will be added every month. ^__^

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