Thursday, October 22, 2015

So much wow

It's the season for a the cool shows :D

Everyone knows the new season of The Walking Dead is out. (It's always been one of my fav's.) I remember how awesome it was to spend Sundays in Alabama watching the show. <3  D'aaws... nostalgic. Can't believe it's already been three years now.

My favorite characters are Carol, Rick and Darryl. Because FUCK YEAH, that's why.

Oh and we also have the latest season of AHS. Hotel :)

So far, the creepy shit is creepy.

What else do we have.......
I watch too many shows to be able to tell anyone lol
Me and Frost usually have series marathons together. It's always so much fun!
we're currently on the last season of Buffy! (I fucking LOVE Buffy so shut up. *Spiiiike hhunnngh*)

I'm actually watching a show called Master's Sun as well. It's a south korean rom-com.
I like it. It's funny and cute. (a little too lame with the music as usual but good) Plus the ghost's in the beginning makes me wanna shit myself lol

Here's the first episode. The intro is ghoooostly :3 Boo! haha

We might re-watch Supernatural soon too since it's the season of eerie lol

I've found some series to watch when I'm bored too now. YAY ME.

 Frost always say that I'm Kelso in That 70's Show....... And that I also should always wear a football helmet. I don't know about that.................................................. am I?

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  1. good God I love AHS right now.
    This a season I will really f-ing follow .___.


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