Thursday, October 8, 2015

It's a long blogpost

Its been a rough couple of days.... yesterday I had a massive fever all day, plus that extreme vicious headache. Ad this morning when I woke up, I was going to go to A's room and wake her up...
But I got dizzy, and I was about to faint so I grabbed something to not fall........................................

Aaaand that thing just so happened to be a glass lamp.
Which is now in a thousand pieces. -_-

My head was hurting insanely bad, I was dizzy and right when I stepped into A's room I had to run to the bathroom and throw up. -_- And after I had worked for a bit in her room, I had to run away again I throw up. But it was only stomach acid :( I haven't really eaten much these past 6 days.
And when I got home my head went from awful to horrible. I laid in bed from the morning till waaaay after 2 o'clock. Just moving hurt. Talking too. I got so sleep next to Freya though, and that made me feel good in the soul <3

And later, thanks to my man being a genius my headache actually decreased a wee bit. It's still painful, but at least I can function now. I can see and move.

So after that, the day actually turned out nicely. Plus, Frost bought 4 of those superyummy pralines for me :) Nomnomnom...

Freya just keeps getting cuter day by day. Two ladies stopped and said she's adorable today and one of them said her eyes were soooo big. Most people compliment her sparkling eyes.

haha Look at my silly baby weasel :D
She wanted to see if her sock could fit in daddy's mouth lol First she poked with her finger to check around and then SURPRISE DADDY! A sock! Nomnom!

She's such a funny little girl. Aaaah, she just makes me so happy!
When I was on the sofa trying to be social even though I was in pain.. she crawled up on me and snuggled me so sweetly. AAAAAWS!!!! That just makes your heart go squeeeeeeeeeeeeze! Oh, I would die for you Freya. You're my world <3

It feels like I've been walking around in a mist lately. I haven't been able to see or hear anything. I haven't really been "present" ...
I talked to my neurologist today. I don't think he and I will agree much on things. But apparently I'm going try some muscle relaxing pills (pretty sure I've tried them before and that they didn't work) We'll see how it works out. He said that if my headache is EDS related then it should get better with muscle relaxers. Cause when I cramp up too much too often, the muscles squeeze too hard on the nerves to my brain and cuts off...this and that. Blood circulation and oxygen. So it turns into induced migraine.

But, I had a huge fever yesterday. And if it's EDS it's not supposed to give me a fever. So he said I could have an infection in my body. (or head) and since it's been 6 days (or more) i need to go to the ER. He said tomorrow.

So... I'll go the day after tomorrow haha Always doing the opposite. lol

But I'm working the night shift right now. And then I need to sleep before lunch time so Frost can go to SFI at 12 o'clock. And then around 2 I have a short thing to do at work so Freya gets to go to the daycare for a short while. See... my day tomorrow is quite busy.

Anyway. I've got some laundry to handle now. And then I have my rounds :)

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