Friday, October 30, 2015

Tweek & Craig

Saw the latest episode of South Park and it was fucking hilarious!
Theme of the show was: Yaoi.

Now I know at least two people that freakin' loves yaoi.
Nathalie and Marty. Ya'll should watch this episode haha

The asians forced Tweek & Craig to be gay! lol
They drew yaoi pics of them cause they liked them together hahahaahah

HAHAHAHA That episode though, so fucking true.  XD
And the art! Oh my, oh my.

And just google Tweek & Craig and see all the fucking fan art. Jeez. haha


  1. ... what is this yaoi you're speaking of? nope. never heard of. NOPE. me? me enjoying the fabulous love of men? whaaaaaaaaa?
    *awkward cricket silence*
    *more coughs*

  2. did they make yaoi pics BECAUSE of the southpark episode or was it the other way around?

    1. hahaha I'm sure there were some yaoi pics circling out there before the episode. But most of the pics came because of the episode. It turned into something funny :) haha I love how everyone made such an effort to make these too :D


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