Saturday, October 31, 2015

The saturday

It's Saturday, and the last day in October.
Tomorrow's November. :)
And that just happens to be a very special someone's birthday.

I went out on a long walk today with my sister, Freya & the dogs ^_^

It's also Halloween night for us so me and my sweetheart are gonna watch Rosemary's Baby (classic!!) and we also watched the first episode of Ash vs Evil Dead. (and it was sooooo fucking good! I shit you not. It was awesome.)

But unless you've seen the movies, you probably ain't gonna understand shit. Watch the movies, theeeen the series :D

Apparently my nose was glowing red outside haha It was really cold, yet we sat outside and talked for a long time. Freya slept in her warm fuzzy fur bag :) But this photo barely shows how red my nose was. Josse told me that it was super-red...When I came inside it looked like a tomato.

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