Sunday, October 25, 2015

The weekend & Creed

Good morning doodles.
It's a sunny Sunday and Freya is in an excellent mood.
We ate breakfast in the living room today, and snuggled.

The entire family is listening to some good 90's music :D It's playing Creed right now.
And Goo Goo Dolls, Crash test dummies, Spin doctors etc. hahahaah
We're all singing along while Freya is showing us new dancemoves lmao

Last night I had some fun at Nathalies place (gotta fucking love her new apartment really... I'm in love with the red velvet sofa haha) We had sushi, watched bunches of Hannibal and talked. A lot. Yeah we did other stuff too..but I've got too much dignity to tell you what haha

Freya was at home with her daddy. They had a football night :) D'aaw...
She was still a little weak last night so Frost decided to be superdad. lol

And on Friday me and Frost celebrated out late anniversary and junk.
Dinner, drinks and a movie. (It was fucking harder than you'd think to watch the The Martian was really good. It made me nervous, it made me laugh and made me feel sad. Yup. It was a good one. I liked Matt Damon in it.

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