Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Still confused

So... today when I woke up Frost called my name and said it was a big day.
And then I remembered: HALO 5! Omigoooosh...

Yeah... I customized my character like this haha Fancy huh?
(I'm about to play some right now too cause Freya is alseep)
Other than that, I've just rested... eaten bloodpudding & bacon... and junk.

Freya's been extra fun too haha Look at our little scawwy red ghost <3

Oh and Frost..... yeah.., that man. He's just awesome! haha
He made my day :D lmao

And I still can't grasp the latest The Walking Dead episode..........it just can't be. It ain't right.
It AIN'T right guys....nope. There must be a different explanation.

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