Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's a phonefree day

I was texting with my little sister last night, and so I told her right before going to sleep that I'll be having a phone free day :D I hope she reminded mom too. (Like I told her too)

No one can call (cause I turned the phone off) and bother me. It's gonna be sooooo nice.
It's not that I dislike calls particularly... I like talking to my friends and family.
But lately it's been a lot pf those calls. And when it turns into 15 call and 20 texts a day.... it's hard to focus on something or rest. It feels like I need to answer everything.

Cause some people get annoyed if I don't answer them fast enough....
They don't care if I'm resting, taking a shit or napping Freya. They just want me to answer when they call. Cause they're more special than everyone else. Meh.

So I figured that today would be my rest day... and I'm ok not talking to anyone but Freya.
And Frost of course. Duh. It's hard to not talk when you live together hahaha
But yeah... that's how it is.

So now everyone knows :)

Today is the Leave-Joanna-Alone-Day!


  1. But.. but... I'm special! Me! Me me me! Meee!

    Me. You don't have to answer everyone else. Just meee! Cause I'm special and above the rules, wants and wishes of you. Cause meeee! This life is clearly about me.
    Gosh, you're so selfish.

  2. Hahah! You most def deserve some time off from people! It's nice to have a break every once in awhile.
    So rest up and get back into the game at your own pace~
    Also, fuck those whom get annoyed with you for not answering fast enough (I legit hope you know that I'm most def not one of them). because fuck that. You have a family and work and pain to focus on, and that's what you NEEEEEED to focus on.



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