Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday...fifth day at the hospital

I am feeling so much better today. I've been here for about five days now.
A lot of people have shown their concerns and they've sent the get well wishes and prayers and it's really sweet.

Today around noon they'll call from Solna (stocholm) about my spinal fluid test results. I asked a nurse what the odds are and if there's a chance for e to go home and she said if it's Lyme disease (which I am totally rooting for now) I can go home today probably! I'll get some pills to take home and all I have to do at home is rest. YAY. I can do that.

Frost's been taking care of me many times before...sadly enough. But what I'm saying is... I really wanna go home. I'd much rather be with my family. Though the nurses are really nice here.

The other day a nurse named Viktor came (and he's been working here all weekend) and when he came in I said Oh look, there's my butler. Jarvis!  Stina pointed out that not once did I say thank you to him.... so I did that....eventually.

My favorite nurses all have glasses. One is like...60? She's supernice and works the night shifts. And then there's a chubby one who's always happy and kind and positive (the one who told me  could probably go home soon if it's Lyme) And then there's a young one called Elin and she seems very smart and composed. Yeah I like those four eyes. They're nice. Everyone else is nice too of course. But I've met those the most. so... yeah.

Anyway...Yesterday Frost and Freya dropped by (and I was about to cry cause I was so happy to see them, especially FreyFrey!) And she played around and jumped on the bed haha I blew some air into a plastic glove and made a rooster of it LOL she loved it.

She was jumping so fast that it was almost impossible to get a good picture of her hahaha

These past few days my sweet man, and my mother have been sending cute photos of Freya and those pictures has been keeping my mood up. I get pretty down in here. It's like a prison although I know it's for the best. It still makes me feel trapped and alone.

But I've got aaaaall these pics from my family.

Freya's playing with her cousin Wille. <3

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