Friday, October 16, 2015


It's been a calm friday.... My back's been cramping a lot. And I didn't sleep one wink last night. It was insane....I couldn't even close my eyes. Boo...

Freya however slept for a very long time. And around noon, grandma came and picked up her favorite grandchild ^_^ So Freya got to go with her granny and aunt to Mosås cemetery (livelier than it sounds lol) Freya's been having a lot of fun :D

(Josse took a bunch of cute photos of my doodle)

And yesterday Frost and I ordered Freya's first "class photo". Yay!!
She looks soooo tiny on it. Well, she's the youngest one in the group so... lol

Normally I wouldn't want a class photo but it's her fiiiiiiiiirst! <3
Frost and I decided to get her first and her 4th, aaaand her 9th and 12th.

Aah, I let Freya take a long nap earlier on the evening... but now she wont fall asleep.
Just my luck haha But she's laying on her dad snuggling and watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. <it's funny.
(Here's a sad fact,  Jake Peralta is like a male version of ME.) My favorite is obviously Terry Crews (and the weird guy Charles, who loves Jake lol) It's an awesome show. So fucking funny haha

Plus, Terry Crews is the freakin' Terry fucking Crews! Wooh woop.

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  1. I relate to Peralta like... the most out of every fictional character out there xD
    He so awkward and hilarious <3


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